TOMS - Critical Success Factors and Marketing Mix

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TOMS - A Business Report An analysis and evaluation of the critical success factors and marketing mix of TOMS Footwear Company Contents Page 3 - Introduction: Including Executive Summary, Research methods and Recommendations Page 4 - About TOMS & the TOMS business model Page 5 - The Critical Success Factors for TOMS Page 6 & 7 - The Marketing Mix, its links with the Critical Success Factors and recommendations Page 8 - References TOMS (2013) Introduction Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to provide an insight into the footwear company TOMS' critical success factors (CSF's) and make recommendations for the company based on them. CSF's have become essential elements to strategic planning and no business can achieve…show more content…
TOMS currently only sell through other retailers and online stores, meaning that they have a lack of physical presence on the high street. If TOMS acquired a chain of physical stores it would allow them to provide their whole range of stock to an increased potential customer base. It would also allow them to market and advertise themselves more successfully, making their brand known to more people. TOMS already has just over 500 retailers for their products worldwide, however I think that they could benefit from having more, especially as there are only a handful in the UK. They may be able to increase their presence in more countries worldwide. TOMS could also expand their product range and move into new areas of clothing or accessories. The second factor surrounds the ethics of their business. Although TOMS is focused heavily on being a socially and corporately responsible company, research showed that it has come under a vast amount of scrutiny regarding its policies and ethical procedures. There is a growing opposition to the TOMS business model and the way TOMS operates. The one for one system is being scrutinised and the way in which TOMS shoes are produced are being questioned. TOMS need to clearly establish how they manufacture their shoes and illustrate the benefits of the one for one system, helping impoverished people. The final CSF is to increase their

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