TONYA: A Case Study

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RIPLEY stated VIRGIL GLISSON told her about his first victim, TONYA with last name of ROBERTSON or ROBINSON. VIRGIL GLISSON was approximately 19 years old and TONYA was approximately 14 years old at the time of an alleged sexual assault. TONYA was from New York, but now lived in Marion or Herrin, Illinois. RIPLEY stated VIRGIL GLISSON called her (RIPLEY) his victim, as well. RIPLEY stated she did not like VIRGIL GLISSON calling her a victim. RIPLEY stated VIRGIL GLISSON tried to talk her (RIPLEY) into a threesome with TONYA. RIPLEY stated she would not do it. RIPLEY stated the cell phone she had with her was a cell phone she purchased after VIRGIL GLISSON went to jail. RIPLEY stated she got the cell phone at the end of November 2016…show more content…
RIPLEY stated she knew a BROOKLYN MORRISON and a BROOKE MARTIN. RIPLEY stated she believed BROOKE’s mother was BETH MARTIN. RIPLEY stated she did not hang out with BROOKE. Detective Bohm received written consent to search RIPLEY’s cell phone. RIPLEY signed a Permission to Search form. (See attached). Detective Bohm left the interview to download the contents of RIPLEY’s cell phone. After Detective Bohm returned to the interview and gave RIPLEY her cell phone back, RIPLEY was questioned about a photograph of cannabis found on her cell phone. RIPLEY stated the cannabis was ALEX O’NEAL’s. O’NEAL was selling the cannabis out of a house in Elkville, Illinois. O’NEAL was always at FLYNN PACE’s house which was a white house located across from the graveyard. RIPLEY was questioned about her connection with “Big Red” (known to law enforcement as JOSHUA WOOD). RIPLEY stated WOOD stayed overnight at KNIGHT’s residence. KNIGHT and WOOD were close friends because KNIGHT helped WOOD while he was growing up. RIPLEY stated she would provide transportation for WOOD because she was the only person who had a valid drivers license. RIPLEY stated she would transport WOOD to locations in Desoto. RIPLEY stated she gave WOOD rides to JUSTIN PICKETT’s residence. PICKETT lived in the white apartment’s #C across the street from where GARRETT ETHERTON used to live, which was determined to be located on East Main St. RIPLEY stated JUSTIN PICKETT drove a blue car. RIPLEY stated WOOD stayed overnight at PICKETT’s residence more than he did at KNIGHT’s
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