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TORTS – PRETEST (5 points each) Question 1 A HARMFUL OR OFFENSIVE CONTACT IS AN ELEMENT OF WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING TORTS? intentional infliction of emotional distress conversion BATTERY slander Question 2 AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES IN TORT ACTIONS COMMONLY INCLUDE ____. assumption of risk contributory negligence comparative negligence ALL OF THE ABOVE Question 3 ASSAULT, BATTERY AND FALSE IMPRISONMENT ARE EXAMPLES OF ____ TORTS THAT INVOLVE INTERFERENCE WITH A PERSON'S BODY. INTENTIONAL toxic criminal negligent Question 4 Bad Jim decides to break into Flora's house to steal her jewelry. Bad Jim slips on some spilled milk that was on Flora's kitchen floor and suffers a broken leg. Bad Jim wants to sue Flora for compensation…show more content…
WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING WOULD BE UNETHICAL: Failing to inform the client that a recent legal decision could negatively impact the outcome of his/her case Encouraging the client to "stretch the truth" in responses given during a deposition Contacting the defendant directly without your employer's knowledge to work out a settlement for the client ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE UNETHICAL Question 14 WITH INTENTIONAL TORTS, ____ DAMAGES ARE SOMETIMES AWARDED IN ADDITION TO COMPENSATORY DAMAGES. non-exemplary money nominal PUNITIVE Question 15 UNDER ____, FAULT IS APPORTIONED; WHERE THE PLAINTIFF IS NEGLIGENT AS WELL AS THE DEFENDANT, THE PLAINTIFF'S AWARD IS REDUCED BY THE PLAINTIFF'S PERCENTAGE OF FAULT. comparative negligence contributory negligence assigned risk exemption Question 16 WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING CANNOT BE DONE BY A PARALEGAL? interviewing clients researching law drafting pleadings ASKING QUESTIONS AT A DEPOSITION Question 17 NEGLIGENCE PER SE OCCURS WHEN: a person negligently says something A PERSON VIOLATES A STATUTE AND CAUSES HARM TO ANOTHER a person is sued for battery None of the above. Question 18 Jane kidnaps Edward's elderly mother and tells Edward that if he does not paint graffiti on Eric's house, Jane will kill his mother.
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