TRIARQ Health Case Study

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TRIARQ Health is a leading service provider of information technology, consulting, and business process out¬sourcing services dedicated to help the world’s leading health care practices to build stronger businesses. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan (U.S.), TRIARQ Health combines a passion for client satisfaction, technological innovation, believing in physician-led, giving patient-centered healthcare as the cornerstone of a cost-effective, quality-minded healthcare ecosystem. The Everyday motive of TRIARQ Health is leveling the playing field, by bringing physicians the same level of industry experts and thoughtful leadership that ‘Big Health’ has access to and also customizes the rates to make it affordable for the independent practice. TRIARQ Health is a certified Cloud based company, serving Revenue Cycle Management, Value Based Insights and Business Intelligence and Consulting. (Balomenos, Kelly McSperitt, & Marra, 2016)
TRIARQ Health has a community of members, providers and investors designed to meet the Triple Aim health reform goals of:
• Better Health for all
• Better Care for individuals and families
• Better Economics by intelligently aligning quality and return on investment
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Our approach is based on value order to drive better satisfaction and health outcomes to address the whole patient, not just an illness or ailment. TRIARQ offers best, multispecialty healthcare backed by state-of-the-art tech and team care and also focuses on population health management at all times. TRIARQ takes great pride in ensuring that each and every one of the members receives the highest quality care and wellness services in an engaged, efficient, coordinated and affordable manner. At our core, we embody a fully-integrated, health network and services organization – taking care of patients from wellness through to treatment and recovery. TRIARQ healthcare has the following

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