TV Watching Impact E-Commerce

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The article “To buy or not to buy: how increased TV watching impacts e-commerce” shows how changes in television viewership and online streaming have affected marketing strategies. With the increased use of internet streaming, cable television is quickly diminishing and is forcing a change in how marketing strategies are targeting various audiences.
While television continues to be one of the top forms of entertainment, the methods to view television programs are evolving due to new devices. Currently, 83% of consumers watch television broadcasts at least once a week, however, more people are beginning to use mobile devices to stream videos and television programs. Approximately 63% of consumers have indicated that online streaming is more convenient as they are able to watch what they want when it is best for them. The number of consumers using mobile devices to watch various types of online streaming is continuing to grow. The increase in mobile device usage is not limited to the younger generations, about 41% of 65-69 age group have shifted from television to watching YouTube. Additionally, over the past several years, about 12% of television viewers have reduced their televisions packages while an another 11% have eliminated it completely. Due to this increase in internet usage for streaming, consumers shopping habit have changed. According to research data, 88% of Americans enjoy using the internet to purchase products and services from various online shopping
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