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In this essay I will give an explanation of my understanding of Transactional Analysis, more commonly known as ‘TA’, and the Gestalt theory to counselling, as discussed in module one, year three of the Chrysalis Counselling course. I will then apply these approaches, and demonstrate the methodology to a previous client case study, discussing what I could have achieved. I will offer a brief outline of the case in question to allow for clear understanding of the presenting issue, and the possible outcomes that could be approached with counselling. I will consider what I have learnt from this research, and what I could take into my future work. I will conclude with a brief summary.
Firstly, I will begin by explaining the meaning of
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TA is to move toward problem solving, as opposed to avoidance, or passivity, cure as an ideal, rather than merely making progress and learning new choices. The goal is to strengthen the adult state.
Secondly, I will explain my understanding of the Gestalt theory.
Gestalt therapy is a form of psychoanalysis originally developed by Laura and Fritz Perls, and Paul Goodman in the 1940s. Gestalt therapy suggests that patients must arrive at conclusions and awareness about themselves, for themselves. Gestalt therapy works through interactive observation. A Gestalt therapist would keep track of nonverbal communication as a way of looking at the whole person, not merely the subject the person discusses. It is beneficial for those who find it difficult to release their emotions.
‘Gestalt theory does not rely on study of underlying psychological components, but on what the completed psychological 'shape' is and does’. ( The process is based upon the relationship between the therapist and the patient, and the therapist endeavours to bring the client into the present moment, the here and now.
‘Gestalt is an existential/humanistic approach to understanding what it is to be human. It regards the individual as a totality of mind, body, emotions and spirit who experiences reality in a way unique to themselves’. (
The past influences the decisions we make

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