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(i) Background of the Organization (Page 2)
(ii) Background of the Problem (Page 3)
Root Causes of the Problem (Page 4-5)
Proposed Solutions
(i) Strict Leadership Approach
(ii) Non-Monetary Benefits
(iii) Participative Management Style

Background of Organization
FAS Tube Mills and Engineering Industries in one of the leading companies in Pakistan engaged in the manufacturing of steel related products. It belongs to a group of companies associated with M/s Ahsan Brothers, Shahrukh & Company and Farrukh Brothers and
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Higher turnover is therefore decreasing FAS ' competitive advantage, hence adding to its problems.
Root Causes of the Problem
Due to the varying number of employees and regular changes in leadership, there has been fluctuation in actual production, leading to failure in meeting targets.
One of the main causes of this low level of allegiance among employees is that of economic uncertainty in Pakistan. This has occurred due to several macro-economic variables such as a high level of inflation, unemployment, terrorism and rampant corruption. Consequently, it has led to workers in Pakistan becoming more and more income and pay oriented, in order to safeguard their economic conditions and maintain their present standard of living. The concept of commitment has therefore become primitive among workers because their basic needs are not being fulfilled adequately. This can be elaborated upon by Hofstede 's Framework for Assessing Cultures, particularly the dimension of Long-term versus Short-term orientation. People who belong to long-term oriented culture look towards future, value prudence, perseverance and tradition. In a short-term orientation, people are more concerned with the present, accept change more readily and do not see commitments as barriers to change.

During the course of studying the organization, we identified that the management is quite lenient towards the workforce and would occasionally look the other way when something unethical would take place,
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