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Introduction Billy is attempting to claim the extra $20,000 and a share in the farm, which he believes he is entitled to. Choy, however, has calculated that the cost of Billy’s school and university fees amount to greater than the promised $20,000 and that the co-owner of the farm would not allow the transfer of a share in the farm. In order to advise Billy in whether he is entitled to the extra $20,000 and a share in the farm, the key facts and relevant issues must be examined to determine if the elements of a legally binding contract exists. Whether there was an agreement and intention to create legal relations between the two will be used to determine whether Choy has breached a contract between the two. If a contract is found to…show more content…
Billy communicates his acceptance directly in response to Choy’s offer. To ensure a contract, acceptance must be unqualified, clear and certain and communicated to the offeror. In this case, these requirements are satisfied and Billy clearly expresses his acceptance, temporarily giving up his study. The law of contract requires that there must also be evidence of an intention to create legal relations between the parties. However it is usually held that the decision is against the intention for an agreement domestic in nature to be legally binding, such as in the case of Cohen v Cohen where an agreement between family members that may be morally binding will not necessarily create a lawfully binding contract. However there are exceptions to this. When both parties show an intention to enter a legally binding arrangement and it would be unreasonable for one party to revoke their decision, the arrangement holds evidence of a possible contract. A legally binding promise must also always be supported by consideration, a prerequisite defined as “the exchange of promises from each party- from the promisor to the promisee”. There is uncertainty in whether the consideration offered in this situation is sufficient or not. Moral obligations regarding “natural love and affection” are not deemed to be sufficient consideration unless there is a legal obligation involved. Whether Billy’s initial decision to work on the farm creates a sufficient enough legal obligation for

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