Table And Chair Swot Analysis

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Research by Lan and Unhelkar (2006) explain that the SWOT analysis aims is provide an overview for businesses to have a broad picture of the organization capability in a supply chain.
Based on Lan and Unhelkar findings, the use of SWOT analysis is to check if the supply chain management is running smoothly the time delivery parts, raw materials and finished goods where it will show the positive and negative aspects within the Table & Chairs supply chain below.

Supply Chain Strengths

Tables & Chairs strengths
• Core competency
• Strength in negotiation
• Qualified and reliable suppliers
• Keeping costs below that of competitors
• Have an excellent staff with strong knowledge of current products
• A strong geographical location
• Business reputation

Vendor Strengths
• Quality
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However, Table & Chairs must improve the way of coping with the demands of order in order to meet the customer needs and create an online integrated system connecting company, suppliers and customers in order to have a speedy service as a competitive advantage against their competitors. This new system will also reduce the transportation costs and reduce the time to deliver parts and materials in order to beat the competitors in delivery time.
As a result of SWOT analysis, we believe that Tables & Chairs should introduce the e-chain supply in order to improve flexibility and move toward real time operations by sharing information and collaborating dynamically among partners and get rid of the traditional model in order to run the process of getting the parts and materials from suppliers. As a consequence, it will facilitate a faster and efficient service to meet the customer’s special requirements. As a result, it will generate customer satisfaction, better relationship with suppliers and Table & Chairs can be ahead of its competitors in a tight
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