Table Of Contents: Barilla Case Report And Executive Summary

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Part 1 Executive Summary

Issue Identification

Part 2 Fundamental Issues Part 3 Systematic Issues

Environmental & Root Cause Analysis

Part 4 Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

Alternatives and or Options

Part 5 Alternatives


Part 6 Recommendations


Part 7 Recommendations and Implementation plan

Monitor & Control

Part 8 Monitor & Control Part 9 Conclusion

Part 1 Executive Summary

I realized that Barilla is confronting with huge fluctuation on its production
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5.No minimum or maximum quantities:
Nature: Strategic Timing: Long term and Short term
There is no restrictions on customers’ order quantity, which may has caused price fluctuations among distributors and as well as Barilla over produced unnecessary inventory only to satisfy some distributors who wants to have lower price by ordering more quantities at a discount.
6.Long order lead times:
Nature: Strategic Timing: Long term and Short term
Most distributors placed orders with Barilla once per week, Barilla started to ship products out after average 10 days orders were received. This long order lead time caused distributors to order more products than they really need.

Barilla has a market share of 35% in Italy and about 22% in Europe and is considered by consumers to be a high quality manufacture of pasta and other pasta related products.
Barilla manufactures two product categories: fresh products represent 25% of production and 75% for dry products. Barilla owns its transportation system so after orders are received and production is complete, nearly two-third of Barilla’s dry products were destined for supermarkets; these products were first shipped to one of Barilla’s CDCs, from which they were purchased by distributors. The distributors in turn shipped the product to supermarkets. The

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