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1. Create a map chart to show the number of banks in each zip code (variable name “zip”. If you see more than one zip code for a bank, use the first one). I have created a symbol map chart (geographical) by taking Zip and Name dimensions. In order to find the number of banks in each zip code, I have used the count function. It can be seen that the number of banks are more on the east coast as compared to the west coast. ------------------------------------------------- Also for example, zipcode 62401 has 3 banks in it whereas 85390 zipcode has only one bank on the west coast. 2. Create a map chart to show the median ROE (variable “roe”) for banks headquartered in each state (“state”). I have added geographic role to the…show more content…
I also added the variance function on ROA. For example for bkclass of SA for region Chicago, the variance of ROA is 223. 5. Explore the relationship between age of a bank (based on “estymd”) and its efficiency level (“eeffr”). Age column has been added and derived from estymd in the “All_Reports_20080331_Performance and Condition Ratios” file. It is also used as a dimension. We also take the average efficiency to find a relationship and made use of the line chart. It can be noted that the efficiency of the oldest bank upto a bank whose age is 10 has been more or less consistent. The newer banks have a much better efficiency whose ages is less than 10 years. 6. Create boxplots of the number of employees (“numemp”) per bank in each FDIC region (“fdicdbs”) (Note: you will need to link two tables in the data, search the readme file to find out where those variables are). I have used fdicdbs as a dimension (column) and changed numemp from measure to be used as a dimension (row). I used the box and whisker plot chart and changed the axis to logarithmic for a better understanding of the representation. ------------------------------------------------- This the Dallas region filtering. 7. Create a tree map on the number of total offices (domestic + foreign; “offdom” and “offfor”) on the following hierarchy (1) FDIC region (“fdicdbs”); (2) state (“state”); (3) whether or not
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