Tablets And Online Textbooks Vs. Traditional Textbooks

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Financially, it is more beneficial for districts to purchase tablets and online textbooks compared to traditional textbooks. In order to use school budgets most efficiently, it is vital that funds are directed towards the most resourceful items for the students. As the state funding for public schools decreases, this becomes a more prominent concern. Tablets provide a simple fix to the need of a modern, cost saving solution. According to one resource, the average textbook costs $70 each, verse a 6 year subscription that costs between $38-$55 for an online textbook (Elliot, 2013). This shows that online textbooks are more cost effective, not only in the long run, but at the time of purchase. The online versions of textbooks are less …show more content…
Therefore, purchasing tablets and online textbooks instead of traditional textbooks, school districts will save money while improving the students’ educational experience.

Tablets are more convenient for home use and communication with teachers compared to textbooks. Textbooks are limited to the text within the physical book. Comparatively, electronic devices provide resources that allow students, teachers and parents to access a plethora of additional resources that extend a student 's learning environment into the home. They also offer a variety of other various resources that are not available from textbooks. As one article states, it is simple for a student to lose a piece of paper as they travel back and forth to school, but tablets provide one simple device that contains all of his or her necessary materials (DeNeen, 2012). With the use of a tablet or similar device, teachers are capable of sharing documents or assignments with students. This provides students with one item, weighing less than 3 pounds, containing everything they need to succeed, compared to the current situation requiring students to carry multiple heavy textbooks, a dictionary and other school supplies. Students would be able to take their devices home and access educational tools even if they are unable to attend school. This provides a method for students to easily not fall behind
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