Tablets: Fun or an Easy Way Out?

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Ten years from now teenagers will remember their childhood years as pixels and cathodes. Tablets and eReaders are taking over the newer generation and making their ways into our schools and personal lives more often than not. Our life is changing drastically day by day thanks to the advancing technology. Tablets are being over used and run down because of our technology dependent society, and consumers do not realize the risks it has on their personal and school lives.
Tablets are used by most students and teachers across America. Like most new things, there are mixed feelings about the new technological device. This new technology may allow teachers to better target students’ individual academic levels and learning styles, and engage students who often are bored by the more traditional style of teaching (Banchero and Phillips). Teachers will be able to change and personalize their lesson plans even more than before. With the new tablets schools are slowly receiving, teachers are exhaling a sigh of comfort because of the less work it grants them. Teachers can watch students writing essays in real time and shoot one a note if she failed to write a proper introduction and another separate note if she used improper punctuation (Banchero and Phillips). Not all teachers are liking the idea of tablets taking…

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