Tablets Vs. Textbooks

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”Books will soon be obsolete in the schools...Scholars will soon be instructed through the eye. It is possible to touch every branch of human knowledge with the motion picture” (Thomas Edison). An idea that was destined for failure has now been made into the key source to get students and teachers more interacted while in a classroom setting. Tablets such as the iPad and the Microsoft surface have made this idea possible, showing students that there is another alternative to the traditional method which would be a printed version of the textbook. Tablets are portable computers that use a touchscreen as its primary input device, meaning that both keyboard and mouse are both physically located on the screen. Early Tablets were built to be…show more content…
Stephanie Hedge emphasizes that “. Tablets can use polling and clicker technology, whiteboard projection, and more. A single tablet has the potential to replace a suite of technologies, and is perfect for classrooms without much technology support” (parag.5).According to this evidence, tablets can have multiple purposes. Tablets can be used as a device for video and audio interaction. This eliminates or removes a lifeless environment that is now current in the classroom. .According to the University Of Washington” Course management tools such as Canvas allow instructors to organize all the resources students need for a class (e.g. syllabi, assignments, readings, online quizzes), provide valuable grading tools, and create spaces for discussion, document sharing, and video and audio commentary. All courses are automatically given a Canvas site” (parag.7).This rebuttable university believes that tablets are a great way to stay organized. This allows teacher to better manage their grading system, therefore allowing them to be more aware of whether the student passing or failing. To sum up, teachers who used technology as a way to teach students end up establishing a better learning environment.
Tablets would be the better alternative as compared to the printed versions of class work.

According to Andre McNeil “when you consider that certain sites sell textbooks of a much cheaper price: E-books still will be the more affordable options. Quick review of
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