Taboo Language

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Taboo language: FUCK
Is it no longer obscene?

All languages have words that are considered taboo – words that are not supposed to be said or used. Taboo words or swearwords, can be used in many different ways and they can have different meanings depending on what context they appear in. Another aspect of taboo words is the euphemisms that are used in order to avoid obscene speech. This paper will focus on the f-word which replaces the word fuck, and as the study will show it also have other meanings and usages.
First, it is a fact that from now on the use of curse words have become part of male and female’s everyday language. No longer is it uncommon to hear a person use an offensive word to express their emotions. Not only is it
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Thus, taboo words -or what can be called foul language- are words prescribed by culture as being “off limits.” And the use of this taboo or stigmatized language is usually associated with strong emotions.
Then, considered as a very emotional person, it is true that I am a frequent and long time user of the f-word, so I will attempt to explain this unique and fascinating word in a different light by showing the etymology, written history, the amazingly flexible use this word has in grammar and the way it is used or not used in media.
First of all, it seems that the actual root of the word is very unclear. It is impossible to say precisely when it appeared because so little documentary evidence exists, probably due to the fact that the word was so taboo throughout its early history that people were afraid to write it down. The first recorded use of the word is before 1500 in the English/Latin satirical poem Flen Flyys “Non Sunt in celi quia fuccant uuiuys of hely” meaning they are not in heaven because they fuck the wives of Ely. Others claim the first known use of fuck is in a Scottish poem by William Dunbar, Ane Brash of Wowing, in 1503. However, it took nearly another century for fuck to make its lexicographic debut in John Florio’s 1598 Italian-English dictionary. Finally, it seems that fuck remotely derived from the Latin future and Old German ficken/fucken meaning to “strike or penetrate”, which had the

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