Tabrizi Breast Cancer

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“Breast cancer does not discriminate - it occurs across all races - yet white women have a significantly higher chance of survival. What causes this gross disparity?” (Tabrizi, 2015, p. 8). Right from the start, Hossein Tabrizi is using rhetorical tools to draw the reader into his thesis. In his thesis, “Breast Cancer Screening Among Low-Income and Minority Women”, Tabrizi analyzes existing research on why breast cancer mortality is higher for minority women. While a thesis can be very dry, he is able to use rhetorical techniques to engage the reader. Tabrizi utilizes ethos, pathos, logos, and visual aids to inform healthcare professionals and his thesis advisors about how to improve breast cancer screening among low-income and minority women. To establish credibility, Tabrizi utilizes ethos by using healthcare-related language and showing that his education was designed to build his credibility for this project. To illustrate this, Tabrizi explains that the studies he looked at “focused on the primary care physicians and patient navigators” (2015, p. 25). While most people may know what a primary care physician is, few people have had encounters with patient care navigators (usually specially trained nurses who coordinate care and support for patients with complicated medical problems), so…show more content…
A simple example of this is the fact that Tabrizi utilizes three tables and thirteen figures to in the paper. This enables the reader to understand the information by just referring to the visual aids. A good example of this is Figure 4 on page 19 where Tabrizi uses a flow chart to visually explain his plan for educating community members about breast cancer screening. The visual aid helps get across his idea, which may seem more complicated and takes two pages to explain. Therefore, it is evident that Tabrizi uses visual aids in his thesis as a tool for explaining his
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