Taco Bell Case Study 2-2 Essay

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Confidential Memorandum Date: Friday September 15, 2000 To: Ms. Laurie Gannon, Public Relations Director of Taco Bell Corporation Copy: Taco Bell Corporation Senior Executives and Legal Dept. From: Dean Hegwood, V.P. Risk Management Subject: Unfavorable Media Exposure within 48 hours Taco Bell Corporation’s Director of Public Relations has in the last few hours received a phone call from the company’s Government Relations Team. The Government Relations Team has learned that a special interest group known as “Friends of the Earth” will be releasing information on Monday September 18, 2000 to the Washington Post. This press release will be implicating the Taco Bell labeled taco shells which are manufactured, distributed, and sold by…show more content…
* Today, September 15, 2000, Taco Bell Corporation notified about upcoming press release related to Kraft Foods product labeled Taco Bell Originals containing StarLink. Discussion When the Washington Post releases the finding from “Friends of the Earth” that Kraft Foods product labeled Taco Bell Originals taco shells contain “Cry9c” known as StarLink, Taco Bell Corporation will face a public perception that Taco Bell restaurants are serving or selling tinted food products. Less than one year ago (November 1999) Taco Bell Corporation lost some public confidence due to the E-coli outbreak from tainted ground meat. Our response during the November 1999 outbreak should be duplicated to assist with the public perception related to tainted products. While the restaurant products are separate from the home products, they will be linked by our Taco Bell branding. Our use of media outlets, phone banks, and websites should be used. Our legal team will need to begin its preliminary research into the subject for reports and recommendations before the press release. Senior executives from Kraft Foods are being contacted to begin planning a united response to the upcoming press

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