Taco Bell - Food Safety Essay

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Subject: Strategic response for public perception and brand protection in rundown crises of food safety. The Stakes: Taco bell face a threat of brand prishment in public perception that Taco bell is linked in serving or selling tinted food product, due to recent finding Cry9c in Taco bell branded products sold in grocery stores nationwide, It will also carry the same perception that Taco bell is serving the same tinted taco’s in its restaurant, in fact Taco bell has nothing to do with production of these taco from genetically modified corn, these products are being made and distributed by Kraft food industries, who is licensed to use Taco bell’s trade name . Though, Kraft food has already initiated the recall. Now Taco bell need…show more content…
This includes Taco bell’s franchises, investors and their customer over all. Stakeholder Considerations: Taco bell Franchises: Due to huge recall of all the corn based products from their restaurants, there will be substantial financial burden on owners. Moreover due to public fear of food safety there will be loss of sale revenue. Taco bell should evaluate all these financial implications and must set up a franchises help fund for some time. Customers: Taco bell must give primary consideration to its customers. Without customers, Taco bell ceases to exist. If customers do not trust Taco bell for its food safety standard, they will choose to do business with the competition. Taco bell’ customers must be convinced that the company will not accept anything less than absolute integrity in all of dealings with customers and their safety concerns. Any breaches in food safety that compromise will be corrected without exception. In order to tangibly demonstrate that commitment, Taco bell should create a reputation of going beyond merely recalling products. Courts and Government Agencies: Since there is no clear regulatory guidelines from the government agencies (FDA,EPA and USDA) regarding use of genetically modified corn . Taco bell might face liability for serving

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