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Tactical Takedown Tactical takedown is a process that uses certain tactics to safely take an individual down to the ground in order to perform police action (62:9-15). The tactics taught involve an officer holding the wrist, applying the arm, and rolling the individual to the point of submission (62: 14-22; 63:1). Tactical takedown is used to deal with an aggressive suspect or a suspect that is actively resisting arrest and not compliant with verbal tactics (63:5-10; 66:9-19). Officers may use tactical takedown after he has informed an individual that they are under arrest and the individual decides to actively resist or flee. After exhausting all verbal tactics, the officer must physically place a suspect under arrest by using tactical…show more content…
The general orders are always available to MPD officers in MPS-issued books that are located inside of patrol scout cars. When an officer is not assigned to a patrol scout car, information about general orders can be accessed by going online and responding back to the station (244:19-22; 245:1-8). Joseph Alexander- August 8, 2015 On August 8, 2015, Officer Onoja witnessed a large group of individuals, which he estimated to be over six individuals including Mr. Alexander, standing and blocking a passage (204:21-22; 205:1-9). The group was standing in a way that completely blocked the free flow of traffic, and Officer Onoja witnessed people being unable to walk down the sidewalk as a result of the group standing in the way (205:16-22; 206:1). The officer gave the entire group a dispersal order (205: 10-12; 206:8-10). The group acknowledged the order and dispersed; however, Mr. Alexander returned and stood at the same location that he was ordered to leave still completely blocking the entrance at 1044 Bladensburg (206:11-22). Joseph Alexander was arrested for blocking a passage (204:14-17). Officer Onoja was not investigated for his arrest of Mr. Alexander. Nathan Young- Previous Incidents During the summer of 2015, Officer Onoja had an encounter with Mr. Young and other individuals drinking in a different alley (81:2-5, 14-15; 861611-13). When he approached the individuals, Mr. Young had a beer

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