Tactics Of Table Tennis

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Table tennis tactics
In table tennis there are many tactics that you can try to outwit or gain an advantage on your opponents. They are important and if a tactic does not work use a new or similar sever.
• Make sure to vary your serves like the
Topspin. Topspin on the ball makes it drop quicker so if someone is playing a distance from the table use this so this can’t in and hit the ball.
• Stay close to the table so you can get to the ball quick and hit it back towards your opponents. Play if opponent use short severs.
• The speed of how quick the ball if this is increased it will throw the opponent off guard and eventually will slip up because of the speed of the severs (lower is better so they can’t use attacking shots.)
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Technical demands.
Table tennis skills.
Serve (basic serve)
• Stand side onto the table.
• Serve with an open palm.
• Knees slightly bent.
• Stand forward on.
• Throw 16 centimetres in the air.
• Move your serving hand out of the way of your batting arm.
• Hit ball downward on your side of the table before hitting it over the net onto the opponent’s side of the table.
• And always watch the ball when your opponent has it.
(Short)Backspin serve
• To a back you must stand close to the table in a crouch position.
• Keep your wrist and batting arm relaxed.
• Throw the ball upwards 16 centimetres high and as straight as it can be.
• Hit the ball when it on its way and with a fast wrist movement.
• Use sort hits only. And limit body movement.
• Keep the bat loose in your hand so it will be easier to hit.

Forehand/backhand- drive
• Backhand drive
• Feet apart just a little more than your shoulders.
• Knees bent.
• Lean body forward slightly also stand near the table.
• Bring your bat down towards your stomach area also hold bat at slight angle.
• When batting hit the ball forward and aim upwards.
• Bat should be pointing where the ball was
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