Tactics Other Industries Use For Improve The Patient Experience

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Tactics Other Industries Use to Improve the Patient Experience The Beryl Institute is a global community that dedicates itself to improving the patient experience through shared knowledge and collaboration. Studies conducted by this institution find that giving voice to ideas through multiple avenues offers tremendous power. According to Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D., who is the Executive Director of The Beryl Institute, providing patients and staff members various avenues to voice their opinions and ideas creates the core of excellent patient experience in and of itself. Encourage Patients to Communicate During Common Interactions Improving the patient experience requires a critical dialogue. This dialogue needs to be encouraged and fostered…show more content…
Main Problems Orthodontic Patients Currently Face Inability to Schedule an Appointment Patients are having difficulty making their appointments for several reasons. The American College of Physician’s (ACP) Center for Practice Improvement & Innovation addresses this problem in a recent survey and offers solutions to make it easier for patients to schedule an appointment. Are your patients spending a lot of time on hold when they call to make their appointments? Possible Reasons Include: 1. Patients are asking questions that are not related to scheduling an appointment. Solution: Have a designated phone line/extension for scheduling appointments and another for asking questions that are not appointment related. 2. When a patient calls for an appointment, your scheduling staff is gathering too much information over the telephone. Solution: For existing patients: incorporate a system that is designed to automatically gather a patient’s information when the phone rings. Solution for new patients: When scheduling an appointment for a new patient, have your staff member ask for the patient’s phone number. Now, your staff member can call the patient to gather information when he or she has more time. Furthermore, if you are in the process of building your business and will have quite a few new patients, have a
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