Tactics of Terrorism and Preventive Ideas Essay

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The Problem: Terrorism In The World

Terrorism, which has been around for as long as people can remember, has been on the rise for the past ten years. Terrorists use murder, kidnapping, hijacking, and bombings to almost always achieve a political purpose. These radicals are not just subject to the United States, terrorism is all over the world, in every way, shape and form.

There are many different types of terrorism, for many different purposes.
The primary reason for terrorist acts are to force a change in their nation's government. If terrorists are not satisfied with there government's political positions, they may end up taking the matters into there own hands. Another reason for terrorist acts are because of hate towards a
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Another type of bomb works off of the altitude of the plane. Once the plane reaches the set altitude, the bomb will explode. I suggest that the actual luggage should be scanned for explosives that would be dangerous to the passengers. Since the only luggage that is scanned at this time is the carry-on luggage, and individuals that go through the metal detectors. I recommend that all luggage being loaded in the belly of the aircraft, also go through a metal detector being scanned by trained eyes. This would prevent any bombs from being loaded onto the plane.

Another type of plane bombing is called the "Suicide Bomber", this is a terrorist who straps the bomb to his body, making it harder to stop them from boarding the plane, because you cannot see it by the human eye. Unfortunately, metal detectors don't pick up plastic explosives that a terrorist could carry on board. Another idea for this would be to have a bomb sniffing dogs at every metal detector, which could work in terms of stopping the bombs before they reach the plane.

Of course, there will always be terrorists who would like to make a change in the policy of the government. And you will always have radicals who will want to take out their anger towards a particular race, religion, or nationality. One of the best ways to stop terrorism is, of course, by monitoring these groups closely for signs of illegal activity. First
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