Tadashi's Last Kiss

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A prolonged silence engulfed the surrounding distance between the two figures, an icy wind cutting across the plateau. They watched each other's every move, every twitch and every breath.
"You always were a glutton for punishment," Tadashi called out, his sharp voice ringing throughout the highland. He rose his blade and aimed it's pointed tip at her, continuously shifting his weight until he was satisfied.
"And you for power," she shot back, tightening her grip on the hilt of her weapon.

Tadashi examined her face although her expression bore no emotion. Her eyes were cold and glassy, lips straightened in a tight line. Today, she was going to kill him.

She lunged forwards, springing across the frozen tundra silently and swiftly. Snow was tossed around her body as she leapt towards Tadashi with a murderous intent. Plunging her blade at his chest, she was left thrusting madly at empty air. Tadashi countered, swinging his sword with such strong momentum that his opponent was sent staggering backwards. But he suspected it wouldn't be so easy. Her shape flickered and disappeared from sight, leaving Tadashi to patiently await her next strike. Nothing but the sound of the howling wind could be heard. A knowing smile crossed his face and he swivelled on his heels, meeting her attack with the satisfying clang of metal upon metal. Their eyes met and they stood in the cold, neither daring to break the steely gaze. Tadashi was prepared to end her life as quickly as
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