Tai Chi Qigong : An Ancient Chinese Slow Motion Technique

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Tai Chi Qigong is an ancient Chinese slow motion technique that has been known to upsurge vitality and health. The practice of Tai Chi imparts the control of breath, relaxation, tranquility, balance, patience, leading, and following. In pregnancy, all of which are difficult to maintain but Tai Chi can emplace and make the pregnancy ameliorable. Tai Chi is safe for pregnant women and benefits all levels of fitness enthusiasts and non-fitness enthusiasts. According to “Tai Chi for Pregnancy”, “many people seeking the ability to moderate their lifestyle, feel inwardly peaceful and get healthy have done so with Tai Chi. There may be no better time to do that than during pregnancy” (Acampora 1). Recent research articles, autobiographies, and documentaries have shown that Tai Chi has been beneficial for several women before, during, and after pregnancy. Tai Chi techniques can comfort women during childbirth and also benefit them during and after pregnancy.
During pregnancy breath, balance, and exercise are and perform important roles that can determine a variance in women’s experience of pregnancy. Breath is especially important during pregnancy because the woman in now breathing for two. The umbilical cord is the source of life between mother and baby. According to “Child Magazines: The Umbilical Cord”
[It] consists of two large arteries and a vein. One end is attached to the baby and the other attached to the placenta. The cord fans out to help the placenta, which lies very

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