Taiwan Healthcare

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BCRC document: China - Healthcare Providers. Business & Company Resource Center ________________________________ Datamonitor Industry Market Research , Feb 13, 2012 pNA China - Healthcare Providers. Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2012 Datamonitor MarketDefinition The healthcare providers sector is valued as total expenditure on healthcare in each country. This includes final consumption spending on healthcare goods and services. Goods and services in this sector include inpatient, outpatient, long-term medical care, medical goods including pharmaceuticals and supplies, and collective services such as administration requirements. Public spending (e.g. by national and local governments, social security schemes) and private…show more content…
The key buyers will be taken as health insurance companies, as well as individual healthcare users, and pharmaceutical companies, healthcare equipment and suppliers and qualified staff as the key suppliers. The degree of rivalry between incumbents is increased due to the size and number of players, as well as high fixed costs, the difficult to exit nature of the sector and lack of differentiation between players. The strength of buyers is dependent on their size: buyers range from small, individual buyers to larger health insurance companies. However, buyer power is weakened generally by the very small likelihood of backwards integration, coupled with the vital service that players offer. Suppliers benefit from players' need to have top quality products, meaning they are able to raise prices. Additionally, the products and services that
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