Taiwan Taxi Icall System

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Executive Summary With its great success in Singapore, a GPS based system like the iCall seemed like the perfect fit for Taiwan Taxi. The company had plans of expanding its membership to 20,000 and believed the iCall would help it achieve this goal. Unfortunately, the iCall did not bring the success that Taiwan Taxi hoped it would which left management questioning why the system worked so well in one country and not the other. The answer to this lies in the cultural differences and a lack of understanding of the Taiwan labor force that is currently working in the taxi industry. In order to successfully implement the iCall in Taiwan, management needs to tie value to the system in order to gain support from its employees and the…show more content…
This negative perception of the iCall system is limiting Taiwan Taxi’s ability to obtain more subscribers and explains why the company is having difficulty reaching their goal of 20,000 members. This identifies a clear disconnect between management and the cab drivers. The managers associate the iCall with direct value and make the assumption that the cabbies will do the same. However, many cabbies have not figured out how to strategically utilize the technology to increase proficiency and maximize profit.
Regulatory Differences In Singapore, the taxi industry was highly regulated and organized. Drivers are required to hold a valid Taxi Driver's Vocational License which could be obtained after completing their training course at the Singapore Taxi Academy and passing a theory test. Comparatively, Taiwan drivers only need to pass a basic driving test to become a cabbie. This difference in credentials shows the control and regulatory differences between the two cultures in the taxi industry. As a result of the rules and regulations in Singapore and the lack of rules and regulations in Taiwan, the regions gain two completely different types of taxi drivers. The Singapore taxi industry acquires employees that are professional and dedicated to their job because they see it as a career. The drivers there plan on staying in the profession for an extended period of time. In Taiwan the lack of rules and regulation in obtaining professional licenses

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