Essay on Taiwan and the One China Principle

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Taiwan and the One China Principle Since the conclusion of the Chinese civil war in 1949, China and Taiwan have functioned as separate nations. There has always been the promise by Taiwan to reunify with the mainland, but no real, concerted effort has ever been made. This and the actions of the United States on behalf of Taiwan have caused China to become threatened by the situation in recent months. The Chinese government released a statement last week that will bring the situation to a head in the near future. In light of China's statement and the response of Taiwan and the U.S., we have to ask what the situation means for China/U.S. relations. There are many factors to this situation, and they make it very hard to understand,…show more content…
The act, if passed, will require a greater volume of arms to be sold to Taiwan this year than in previous years, including the groundwork for a missile defense system. By issuing the white paper at such a critical moment in negotiations with the U.S., China has destroyed any chance of free trade with the U.S. or membership in the WTO as far as Congress is concerned. In addition, China deliberately withheld their intentions for a policy shift in Taiwan from a U.S. delegation to China just two weeks ago; the delegation learned of the shift only after they had returned to the U.S. These actions of the Chinese government weren't received well by the U.S. government to say the least. To further add to the tension, China also is trying to play with domestic politics in both countries by releasing their statement a month from the election in Taiwan and in the middle of the presidential primaries in the U.S. They are trying to muscle candidates in both countries to submit to their agenda, a unified China in Taiwan's case, and free trade and WTO membership in the case of the U.S., with the threat of force. The question that needs to be answered is what does China think it will gain from provoking the U.S. and Taiwan in this manner? China thinks that it will gain everything that it wants by threatening Taiwan, but the cost will be enormous. It seems clear that China wants reunification at any cost and it is boldly daring the U.S. to get

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