Taixu Reform In Buddhism

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Introduction Ven. Taixu (1890-1947) reform in Buddhism, which has been lasted for 35 years from 1912 to 1947, was an important milestone in the revival of Buddhism in the recent years. He has proposed the idea of Humanistic Buddhism, which integrated people's spiritual practice into all aspects of their daily lives. However, as Taixu failed to achieve his goal throughout his life, many scholars has questioned about the importance of his reform to the development of humanistic Buddhism. In regard to this, investigation into the necessity of Taixu reform will be conducted in different perspectives in this essay. The reasons for Taixu reform in Buddhism and some important features of Humanistic Buddhism will also be talked about. Reasons…show more content…
In fact, he was responsible for the spiritual revival in leading the reform. Taixu played the role in reconnecting reformists with the essential Buddhist spirit—to relate Buddhism to the human world. Hsing Yun was only continuing his effort and made it realized around the globe. After Tai Xu's death in 1947, his influence spread far and wide. We can see that many of his students and readers were greatly impressed by his speech and readings, and even took action to response to the urgent need for Buddhist reform as influenced by Taixu’ enthusiasm. Venerable Hsing Yun (1999) has expressed the inspiration he got from Taixu which contribute to his reform with his saying, “I was enlightened by Master Tai Xu's words. Now I see the meaning of the following: The Buddha was born in the human world. …. As followers of the Buddha, we should establish Humanistic Buddhism in society with the aim to propagating and glorifying it.” He also expressed that he was impressed by Taixu word that, "Everyone is responsible for his country's destiny and every monk is responsible for the survival of Buddhism." (Ven. Hsing Yun, 1999) Taixu’s ideas also inspired the research made by Yin Shun, one of the important people who further the research in Humanistic Buddhism in

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