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In this day and age depression and anxiety are bigger problems than ever, especially in young people. With depression rates growing there are less motivated individuals and treatments that might work but not for everyone. Anxiety is the same way, it invades the heads of people young and old and keeps them from being a benefit to society. Treatments are given but some individuals do not meet the requirements for such medication, and still let their illness get the best of them. The problem is that people do not understand that these mental illnesses are crippling and they can affect day to day life in a very real way. The worst part some who have these illnesses do not qualify for certain medications so they go through life slowly being consumed by their own minds. The answer to these problems is normally overlooked and tossed under the rug because of its unorthodox approach. Music therapy is the saving grace to these problems that plague so many of today’s population. Before the benefits and revolutionary work of music therapy can be discussed you have to know what depression and anxiety really are.
Anxiety is one of those things that everybody gets in small doses. Stereotypically when someone says anxiety most think of someone hyperventilating and about to pass out when in a confined space. This isn’t exactly the case but this could be an extreme case of an anxiety attack. All the same everybody anxiety impacts everyone. Whether you are about to
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A very rough outline of what music therapy is, is that a patient has multiple sessions with a licensed music therapist and they have music experiences. Music experiences are either playing or composing music to help with cognitive functions and in some cased memory. In this sense music therapy is being used to combat anxiety and depression, and it has been proven on many fronts to be effective in these
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