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Dajon O’Neal
David Zeanah
Anthropology 15
Section 03
Take Home Essay
Origins to Our Existence on Earth There are two theories about the origin of modern humans: 1) they began in one place, Africa—and 2) pre-modern humans migrated from Africa to become modern humans in other parts of the world. According to the lectures, most evidence trace to the first theory because of a few satisfying valid reasons. In the lectures it was told that “fossils of modern humans are particularly found in Africa” (Zeanah: lecture). In addition to this logic, it is also mentioned that “DNA studies suggest a originating population in Africa” (Zeanah). Although it seems that the first theory might be more credible, both theories to this day are
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Although the understanding are similar the years and dates to when this migration came into play differ from many researchers which leaves it to question which one hypothesis is truly right. My opinion due to the lectures and class textbook, I support the evidence being showed that we all originated from Africa and traveled throughout the world. I believe our origins came out of Africa and no other place due to the lectures explaining how the oldest living DNA piece of evidence found for the first finding of human life was in Africa, it clearly states that we came from Africa and were made in there, later moving and migrated to other regions. Also, many experts say, “Numerous genetic studies support the single-origin model, finding that the genetic diversity of today 's human populations is greatest in Africa and decreases steadily with distance from that continent” ( Having much beneficial evidence that humans originated from Africa can lead and tell us that this theory has a higher percentage of being right in a behavioral and anatomical content due to the research being shown. Out of Africa model seems to have more evidence although the Multiregional hypothesis has some reasonable theories to its hypothesis as well. Progressing, even though the Multiregional hypothesis seems to be relatively credible and have good reason to the theory that modern humans emerged from populations of
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