Take Me To Church Analysis

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6. Fight Song: Take Me To Church- Hozier
I chose this song because in my point of view this is a fight song. Take me to church is a song about the perception of the church, or any powerful institution such as government, about intimacy and sexuality, whatever the orientation. However the song focused in the people with relationships with the same gender. I feel connected with the song because I have a sister who is lesbian, and sometimes I see how bad are treated on social media just because of their choice. People badly judge them by stating “what kind of parent they can be” or “ This is a blasphemy for God”. Sometimes people do not realize that in every community are good people but also bad people. I’m a religious person, and I could sound rude but I do not support them, however, I’m not against them, I do not judge them like the rest of the people because is their live and not mine. I like this song because it motive people to fight for equality , so they can not be longer cruelty judged by society.
7. Breaking Up: Tu Falta de Querer- Mon Laferte
I choose the song, Tu Falta de Querer, because in some point of the song I feel connected with it. Through my life, I had not a lot of love relationships. They are
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This is a song performed by “latinos” and it has a particular rhythm. I like parties and I like them more when they have Mexican music or Spanish music. This song remember me that every day we, latinos are leaving a mark in this country. This song sees to be a kind of geography, since the singer sall all the countries that made up the zone conformed by Latinos. I feel connected with the song because it is like a hymn dedicated to all Latin Americans. Moreover, in my perspective the song tries to say that people should not be ashamed of where they come from. All the contrary, we have to be proud of where we are and make it notice in this
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