Take Yourself Back To A Time When There Was No Iphone,

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Take yourself back to a time when there was no iPhone, no Mac computers, no internet in general, and look at the way people lived their daily lives. Looking back in history, children went to school either by walking in their white converse shoes, riding their bike with the basket on the front, or riding the dreadful yellow public school bus, while their parents, usually the father, went to work in the local factory or local businesses. Still, one thing that hasn’t changed from the past to today is that children are still being bullied in their schools in similar ways. The thing separating bullying back then and today is the fact that within today’s technology advanced world it is hard to be able to get away from the harsh words like those…show more content…
According to a study done by Patchin and Hinduja “students who experienced cyberbullying, as either victim or offender, had significantly lower self-esteem than those with little or no experience with cyberbullying” (Farber,et al, 1226). This is a problem expectably for children because they don’t usually know how to get help and are too afraid to tell adults about the bullying they experience. Today many adults don’t realize how big of an issue online bullying and harassment is in today’s younger generation. The younger generations grab their brand-new iPhones and simply text, email, or use social media to harass their peers, instead of walking up to one another and saying things face to face. Most people of the older generations would say just walk up to them it would be easier and more efficient, however what if the conversation that was trying to be held was embarrassing or hard to say? This is what many on the younger generation are facing, risky things are becoming easier said over technology then in person, “43% of teenagers surveyed reported that they use IM’ing to express something they wouldn 't say in person” says Farber. Therefore, cyber bullying is becoming such an issue for children today, children think they can say anything without a consequence and don’t realize the pain they are causing through the LED screen.
Thinking back to 10 years ago, the

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