Take the Honour Out of Killing

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Summary of Take the honour out of killing.

“Take the honour out of killing” is written by Fareena Alam andit’s about honour killing which is a big problem for Muslim women. The victim Rukhsana Naz a 19-year-old girl who got strangled by her mother and brother because she had brought sham at her family, she got pregnant without wedlock.
Honour killing is not only a problem for Muslims. Stuart Horgan shot dead his ex-girlfriend and her sister. Most migrant’s families are patriarchal, where the man decides everything. Some women/girls escapes from their family to get a better life, but sometimes the family hire private detectives to find them and bring them back, so they can get punished for what they have done. The police fears to take
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Paul Hill was not surprised about what Michael Griffin had done, because he knew that someone will follow his footstep.
Constant cravings
The modern world offers many thing humans can be addicts of. Some smoke and others suck a pencil. The point is that both of them bring comfort or discomfort. There are offers of pleasures and displeasures the choice to choose anything in life is possible. Maybe in 21st century will or be many of us addicts, it’s the matter of degree. Tamara Crilly, got her first mobile in age 18, and a year later she discovered that she can send text messages, and she got very captured by it. Tamara Crilly became a fanatic who couldn’t live without her mobile. She texted every day and everywhere she went, just not in shower. Tamara Crilly, tried one day to give her mobile to a friend at working, who could hide it somewhere for a while, but very soon she got disturbed of her own thoughts and couldn’t do without her mobile.

In 21st century there will be many modern technologies and many impossible things will became possible, and that will be a disaster for the human kind. Everyone I know got a mobile to stay in touch with their friends and family. Humans have a weakness to stay in touch with each other, and that can be why many people will be or become addicts in something that they got a weakness for.
Arrange marriages
Arrange marriage is well known among Muslims. Why marry someone you don’t even
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