Take the Job or Not Essay

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Matt Hollis and Centerville Supermarket Shan Lu Johnson &Wales University I. The Stakeholder analysis In this case, I have known that Matt Hollis is the owner of the Centerville General Store, which was set up by his great grandparents one hundred years ago. This store had been handed down from generation to generation. Although it was always a good source of income of Matt’s family, there is a slowly decreasing recently. At this point, the Supermarket has called Matt and offered him a good opportunity to be the general manager of the Centerville Supermarket, according to this company is going to open their markets here I this town. Obviously, it can bring a great benefit to his family, but the some local businesses will be…show more content…
3. The Supermarket Company According to the case, the Supermarket company is interested in opening their new stores in Centerville and let themselves break in this Midwest area. They want to hire someone who had the knowledge of the local business in this town and also has a great experience in this industry. Bill Harrington called Matt Hollis and described their offer to him, because they consider Matt would be the best person to help them starting businesses in this town. The Supermarket Company is the financial founding of this plan, at the same time their willingness is the origin and this company owns every single store which will be open in the future, so they have the power of financial, voting and legal. 4. Bill Harrington Basically, Bill Harrington has the same interest of his company, because he is responsible for the development of Supermarket in the Midwest, so that makes him have the legal and voting power in this case. 5. Local government and police The local government shows the interest in this plan because they can see the increasing tax income in the future, considering this phenomenon of a weak economy in the Midwest. The police may not benefit from the opening supermarkets as much as the government, but they have the duty to take care of the area
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