Take the Road Not Taken

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A traveller is faced with an unbearable decision; The road less travelled or the road taken more. He chooses the road less travelled but really what is the author trying to tell you? This poem would be quite meaningless if it didn’t have a hidden metaphor. The literal meaning is the by far the easiest to explain, and probably the easiest to understand. The literal meaning of this poem is about a traveller hiking in the woods. He has to make a decision when he comes across two paths; one that is taken more, or the one taken less. He chooses the path taken less and goes on with his life. At the end it says “and I’m telling you this with a sigh.” A sigh could be good or bad but why would a traveller be upset about his choice of a trail? This led me to my figurative meaning. In my opinion, the traveller represents young people. The road taken more represents choosing to be average like everyone else. The road less taken represents choosing to be unique and different. The *sigh* at the end represents him regretting his chose. This led me to my main idea and also helped me a bunch with my connections. In my opinion the main idea is about someone making a decision whether they want to fit in or be different and unique; to be themselves. This made me believe that because there are less unique people than average people. Most people will just be followers instead of leaders; following the trends, following those who are popular. He says “he tells this with a sigh” and thats

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