Taken For Granted

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Throughout time, what comes too easy for us is usually taken for granted. What we take for granted is trust we receive from a friend, a gift from a loved one, or power to help people are usually given freely. One such example that we can see in history is when Winston Churchill abused his freely given power when controlling a British army. With his stubbornness and power, that army was led to their destruction. To a lesser degree, people like me have taken some items for granted. What we esteem too cheap, we esteem to lightly which can be seen to be true with myself, my friend and my cousin. When I was younger, my father decided to give to me his old Game Boy. When he gave it to me, I played with it every day. One day I left it where I had played it last. When I returned the next day, I discover that it was gone. I was upset for a long period but earlier last year, we found it in our shed. To this day, I am taking better care of it and I…show more content…
When my cousin was about a three years younger, he received a PSP from his parent. He loved playing on it, but he left it where his brother could reach it. He told me one day he left it on the dining room table to go finish his chores. When he went to receive his PSP, he seen that his brother had broken it. He told me he wished that he left it in a higher place so his little brother would have no chance of breaking it.
In the future if people continue to abuse what has been given to them freely there will be no ground for any respect. Several people today believe that if something happens to a certain item they can just get a new one. These such items are phones, gaming consoles, or any other object given freely. People in this generation fail to see that even though we get things freely does not mean the objects that have an emotional factor cannot be replaced; once it is gone or broken, it is gone
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