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Movie Review #2 ___________________ A Paper Presented to Dr. Scott Hawkins Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary ___________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course PACO 604 Crisis Counseling ___________________ by Michael Bruce Plont November 18, 2009 Nature of the Crisis The movie that I chose to review is entitled “Taken”, which stars actor Liam Neeson as he plays the part of Bryan Mills. The “crisis” of the movie is that Mills’ daughter is abducted, drugged, and sold into sexual slavery. Mills, who is a former government operative, begins the longest 96 hours of his life, as he hunts for the gruesome organization that has taken his daughter Kim. Mills…show more content…
Before he electrocutes the last abductor, Mills finds out that Amanda has died from being shot up with drugs, and his daughter is about to be sold, as a virgin, for $500,000.00. Mills then tracks down his daughter’s buyers, kills them, and then fulfills the promise he made during the abduction to rescue Kim. Mills then returns Kim to her mother and step-father in the United States. Steps for Alleviating the Crisis Mills remained surprisingly calm and focused throughout the ordeal. This was most likely do to the training and background that he came from. Given the fact that Mills learned from his contacts, that these abductors are able to make these girls disappear within 96 hours, he moved very quickly. I would have recommended that Mills get the local police involved, but in reality he was much more qualified to work this particular crime. Mills did attempt to illicit the help of his old government contacts while in Paris, only to find out that they were involved in the girl smuggling. Mills was able to quickly refocus his attention from an intense fear to a passionate search, due to the fact that he was trained to handle stress. I would have recommended that Mills take one of his close friends/colleagues, from the U.S., with him, as he could have greatly benefited from the colleagues’ support during those trying times. Instead, Mills worked completely alone. I would have also recommended that Mills
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