Takeshia To Wisteria

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On 10-18-17, the children's mom (Takeshia) made a threat to the one of the staff worker (Demetria). Demetria has transported the children and Takeshia to the Wisteria. Takeshia stated that: "She was going to go get her gun." Takeshia was cruising and threaten Demetria in front of her four children. It is unknown which one. Takeshia was dropped off at the Wisteria. Takeshia started makes threats to the people at the Wisteria. Takeshia undressed at the Wisteria. Takeshia took several pills one after the others. One of the pills may have been Adderall. The people at the Wisteria had to lock themselves in the office. Natchez Police Office (unknown) were called to the Wisteria. The Natchez Police Officer contacted Guardian Domestic Violence due
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