Taking A Gap Year Between High School And College

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Lauren Maurer
Mr. Worthington
AP Lang
16 January 2014
College Can Wait
Taking a gap year between high school and college is becoming a rapidly developing trend amongst students in the United Kingdom and United States over the last decade. The extreme pressure from the four years spent in high school leaves students drained and needing to re-energize before facing an even more rigorous course load in college. A gap year is the perfect solution as students take “time off with a purpose” before furthering their education. A gap year is a structured period of time between high school and college when students take a break from formal education to increase self-awareness, learn from different cultures, and experiment for possible careers. As defined by Andrew Jones in his thesis paper for the University of London, a gap year is, “any period of time between 3 and 24 months which an individual takes ‘out’ of formal education, training or the workplace, and where the time out sits in the context of a longer career trajectory” (Jones 8). Students spend time away from home traveling, volunteering, interning or working in an unfamiliar area to gain new experiences. This period is ideally a phase for students to explore the world and gain valuable life skills and a mature understanding while transitioning into independence. Its purpose is for a student to find out more about oneself, and clarify future career pursuits before entering college. It is a time in which students learn

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