Taking A Stand: Role As A Moral Agent In Reducing Health

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Taking a Stand: Role as a Moral Agent in Reducing Health Care-Associated Infections Victor Amuzie Walden University Online Week 6, Interprofessional Organizational and Systems Leadership (NURS - 6053N - 16) 05/ 7/ 2017 Instructor: Dr. Paula Stechschulte Role as a Moral Agent in Reducing Health Care-Associated Infections Introduction In the past week 's discussions, we have discussed so much on the importance of different leadership and managers; likewise, different authors have also emphasized on effective leadership in health care setting. Nursing leadership is the essential, as we nurses have formed the largest discipline in the health care sector. In nursing, leadership is associated with positive patient safety outcomes; it…show more content…
I that for the interest of good patients’ outcome, it should be very imperative for us leaders to develop patient-centered care in our respective hospitals by analyzing and agreeing on what is best for the patient at all times. For us to achieve this goal, we should apply a transformational leadership approach that is vital in this process; this should include conveying the end goal that we intend to achieve rather than instructing staff what should be done (Marquis & Huston, 2012). For me to succeed in the process, my role will be to empower staff to promote positive work behaviors and attitude towards our patients; which can be done through initiating leadership education programs to all nurses that entail some of the transformation strategies that will empower staff to begin embracing some of the driving factors of a safety culture and teamwork among healthcare workers. According to Marquis & Huston, 2012). In-service training courses, on hospital-acquired infections to all healthcare workers, can lead to understanding and prevention measures to be taken by healthcare workers towards inpatients admitted in our hospitals. For me to achieve this goal, I will need a collaborative effort of others nurses and all other healthcare workers working with me in the hospital organization, each different departments can work on standardized care in their units towards minimizing simple cases like hospital-ventilated acquired pneumonia (VAP), catheter-associated
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