Taking A Stand Speech

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Taking A Stand

A boycott organized by Emily, Madi, Angelina, and myself took place 7:40 am in school last Friday morning. Many students were not in their respective first period rooms, and nobody showed up at all in Mr. Rogers’s. The school board gathered us here today to explain the cause of this boycott; likewise, we would like to voice out our fellow students’ concerns during this conversation. Mr. Rogers treated us unfairly and showed a clear dislike towards females.
“C? This is the lowest grade I’ve ever got! How is this possible?” Exclaimed female student Annie, as she pointed to her report card.One would likely infer at first that this is due to her lack of studying, but that is only part of the story. In reality, Annie is the valedictorian
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Rogers to change his inequality? Of Mr. Rogers’s current and former students, 600 are selected at random to participate in a survey. Results showed that 94% wanted Mr. Rogers to change, 1% liked the way he is, and 5% remained neutral. Upon seeing such a case, we decided to interview a different group of students to see their perspective on this issue. A senior male student said, “I’ve never had Mr. Rogers before, but my younger sister has him this year… a week ago, she came home with her report card and looked close to tears. We asked her why she was upset, and my sister replied, ‘It’s Mr. Rogers; he gave me a D!’ My sister is a studious student, so I can’t imagine that she did anything bad. I could, however, think of one other possibility: Mr. Rogers holds sexism. If this is true, I would definitely do something to overthrow him, and I am sure many others would agree.” A female sophomore student describes her own experience. “I go to school happy as a bird and ace all my classes until I hit Mr. Rogers’s 9th period. I try not to judge him or pollute his reputation, yet the thought is all but impossible to hold in. He obviously dislikes girls, and one could easily distinguish the piercing glares he gave the girls and the warm gazes that he held when he looked at the boys. It hurts to say this, but many students already wanted him out of this teaching career.” Evidently, the students wanted him out--- for
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