Taking An Abnormal Psychology Class

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Taking an abnormal psychology class is not part of my requirements for my degree, but with my wanting to work with children and their families, I feel that this course was beneficial for me to take. I also enjoy learning about how the human mind works, the different disorders, and ways to help people that may be suffering from the many disorders that we covered. As I have mentioned throughout the semester, I or someone I know has or is suffering from many of the disorders we have discussed. I personally have struggled with addiction and bulimia in my past, and I feel that learning more in-depth can assist me in my future if I have a student that also struggles with similar disorders. My father suffers from schizophrenia, although he attempts to block his disorder out and refuses medication. This can be extremely hard for both me and my child to visit him because he is different. I try to remember that the disorder is not his fault and I also try to remind my daughter that he is her grandfather and she should accept him, but it is a struggle for both of us. I feel that learning a little more on schizophrenia was helpful for me and I plan on doing a little more research on my own time to also help me to cope with his “differentness”. There was such a variety of topics covered in this course and I wish that I had taken it in a classroom instead of online. With this online course, I feel like the material went a little too quickly. If I were in a classroom setting, I feel that
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