Taking At Discipline, Looking At Labor By Eric Margolis

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Photography plays an important role in reflecting a society. In the article "Looking at discipline, looking at labor", Eric Margolis talks about the representations of the photos of the Indian boarding schools in the US. Photographs are used to demonstrate the civilization of Native America Native American Children. Not only can we see the change of the students after civilization, but also the oppressive system in the Indian School. The photographs are used as the monitoring tool of the government too. The photographs provide us evident to all of these. We can know these by comparing the photos before the Native Indian Kids go to boarding school and after they attend the boarding school. By contrasting the photos from the two periods, we can see that the civilization of the Native American Indian children is actually an oppressive system. First of all, the photographs of the projects show that the government tends to break down the sense of connection of the Native Indians by civilizing their outlook. The sense of belonging of the Native Indians is very strong. In order to have good control of the Native Indians, the US government has to break down the connectivity between them. Sending them to the boarding school is a good way to diminish their sense of belonging since new knowledge and rules at the school are taught at the school. Eric Margolis also states in the article that "He believed in subjecting Native American youth to quasi-military
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