Taking Down The Confederate Flag

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Svara Sandip Shukla
English 1011/Kemp
September 9, 2015
FA1 Debate Draft Taking down the Confederate Flag

The confederate flag, a topic that has been the center of controversy for many years now, is an emblem of southern pride and heritage to some, while to some it is purely a symbol of hate and racism. After the shootings in South Carolina, it is clear that the flag should be taken down. Since it represents white supremacy and inequality and not Southern pride.
The confederate flag, one of the most controversial image of the American culture, was adopted on May 1, 1863, which was percipated by the issue of slavery. It was initially adopted as the battle flag by the army of Northern Virginia. And, even though it was never officially
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“Countless white supremacy groups, use the flag often, and the 21-year-old white man who confessed Friday to killing nine black people at a historic church in Charleston, S.C, rocked the “rebel flag” on his license plate and took numerous pictures with the controversial flag.” Belton, Danielle. “Southern pride or Jim Crow’s death rattle? Everything you need to know about the confederate flag”. 23 June, 2015. Web. 30 August, 2015. Jim Crow laws were state laws enforcing racial segregation in the Southern United States. For decades, the confederate flag was scampered during remembrances of the war and then for the most part was packed and out away. It was still a novelty until 1948. But, that was the year it went from Civil War indelible to political football, when he raised the wrath of pro-segregation Southern Democrats, also known as “Dixiecrats”. With the advancement to end the Jim Crow Laws, the flag got more and more popular among the segregation set, and was being used into many southern state flags and began to be flown alongside South Carolina’s state flag. A signal phrase that introduces quoting or paraphrasing.
The confederate political leader Alexander Stephens fought the war and then flew the flag as he
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