Taking His Firearm As Well

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He inched his way over to the second guard and bent down, taking his firearm as well. After he stood back up, he let two more rounds go in the ceiling as he yelled for everyone to be quiet and stay down. He took a deep breath and swallowed hard as the hair on the back of his neck began to stand up. If he made one false move, one mistake could ruin this entire mission so he had to be careful, keep his eyes open, and be quick. He ran up to the counter, yelling for the bank tellers to get on the ground as he pointing the barrel at one of them, instructing her to get up and give him $10,000. She seemed reluctant when she looked around at the other tellers who were cowering in fear so he let another round go at the ceiling and pointed the barrel back down at her, yelling that she had better hurry up because he was getting tired of shooting the ceiling. The teller got up, walked over to the safe, and opened it as tears began to stream down her cheeks. A blinking number popped up on the screen, started at one, and began to climb as the blond haired woman began putting money in a bag. The number stopped at $7,000 and Osiris yelled at the teller, telling her that he hoped she didn’t think he wouldn’t shoot her and she gasped as she began putting more money in the bag. Osiris turned around, looking at the door as he began to hear police sirens then turned back to her, telling her to move faster. After a couple of more handfuls of cash, the number hit $10,000 and the teller
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