Taking One More Step Towards Managing the Threats from Cloud Storage

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What is writing? Why my words matter? These are seemingly simple question to answer, but to get the perfect answer is not so easy. This deceptively simple question had plagued me since I began my schooling. The answers change because I am growing. With the learning experiences of the whole year in Drew University, I was introduced to a whole new insight on writing. For me, first of all, writing is a process to cognize my position by listening to the other’s voice, in the sense that understanding one’s own voice is irrespective of writing skill or ability of expression. Unfortunately, my opinions usually seem to disappear when I am flooded with others' views. Hence, the extended argument paper requires me to spend more efforts on…show more content…
Communication skill is very important for almost every class. By communicating with article, interacting with peers, writers can know their opinion and get feedback from other, in which process to improve the essay further. Compared with experiences earned from Dante class, in the writing class, students are expected to think about writing more contemplative to understand the meaning of poems. After deep thinking, every student in the class should have responsibility to join the conversation to ask worthwhile questions. What students can learn in the class depends on professor’s guidance and effective discussion between classmates.We create it by ourselves. For me, writing class for international students is easier to involve in. I can easily get positive response and be encouraged to involve more. I believe it is a good start for everyone to involve the Drew community. In a sense, I wish I can involve in the American community more, as said in the Divine Comedy, by joining in rather than be erased or obliterated. More interesting, the writing class in Chinese high school encourages students practice writing more, therefore, sometimes I was even becoming hardened to write because I did not really know what to write. In contrast, I prefer the way American writing class has. Learning from the writing class, I not only can improve my writing skill and communicate skill, but also express my idea

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