Taking The Being Ginning Of The Lesson

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Considering the being ginning of the lesson, the directions are very clear and can be easily followed by a kindergartner. Every student knows that they are too try their best and try to finish as much of the assignment as they can. All of the learning objectives are addressed. If the rules are violated the students paper is taken away and they are to put their heads down, and wait for the teacher to come by and talk to them and get a better understanding of why they were not allowed to participate. The situation is very obvious is it almost a routine, every time a student is in trouble she always explains to them what they did wrong and if they have a full understanding. The teacher motivates the students to do better by telling them good job and great work. She uses a lot of SDAIE strategies that meet the needs for every student. Some that she uses are lost of visuals, with her own demonstrations and cooperative learning. For those who need extra work it is a little more complicated, but she really tires to treat them like she would with the rest of her students to keep everything fair. For the English language learners there are about two students here and she does one on one with letters and writing. She has other aids besides me, so they go one on one at a separate table to help those who need it the most. She uses a lot of stories and gestured to motivate the students, which is cool to see because the students try to be just like her. Each student get rewarded by being
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