Taking The Leadership And Teams Module

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Before taking the Leadership and Teams module, I do not know what to expect in regard to what we would be doing throughout the semester. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge on leadership styles and I wanted to learn the most effective way of leading a group of people that could come in handy in the workplace. Throughout the semester, inside and outside of the classroom, I was able to pick up on forms of leadership that I not only used but some forms that my peers used. Looking at the Selside camping trip, rock climbing at The Edge, ice cream making activity, and my Easter break trip, I was able to observe the variety of leadership styles used in each of the given scenarios. One of the first weekends I was in England, our Leadership and…show more content…
Once in the cave, he gave us guidance and we learned through climbing through the caves. When asked in the beginning if anyone of us had caving experience, none of us did. With this type of leadership style, we were able to receive the guidance we needed if we wanted and were motivated to keep going by trying something new with a group of other students that never did it before. After being in the cave after half an hour, Will moved into a laissez-faire style of coaching and let all the students work together to navigate and crawl through the cave. Leaders switched off every 10 minutes and we were able to choose if we wanted to go on an easier or harder route depending on our level of comfort. If we were ever unsure, we would still be able to ask questions. With Will stepping aside, we were able to test our skills that he had taught us and become better cave explorers. Back at the house, in order to keep the meals running smoothly, all thirty of us had to sign up for shifts to prepare meals and clean up. Within my group, we had worked well together but as times leadership was lacking. None of us knew how to cook and considering it was the last day we were going to be there, there was a limited amount of food for breakfast. We used team leadership and we went around assigning ourselves a task to do based on our previous experiences in the kitchen. No one really took charge but we all were assigned to stations and would help each other out if
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