Taking The Road Not Taken

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When it comes to making a decision, people tend to go through a series of questions before leading to what they believe is the best choice. We tend to turn the opposite way when it comes to doing something that is out of our comfort zone. When being faced with the choice of taking one that is not the majority recommendation, we turn our back to avoid it. In the Road Not Taken, Robert Frost conveys the importance of taking into consideration all the possibilities and outcomes as well as staying open minded along the way. His purpose is to show at times the answer to some of our problems won't be as clear as we would like them to be. At times like these, its best to just step back and re-evaluate what your goal outcome is and what's the best step forward to bring you there.…show more content…
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail,” is a beautiful interpretation of Frost’s poem. Emerson and Frost, both state the form of risks that tend to go hand in hand with these types of scenarios. Risk taking doesn't come easy. I see them as files that don't have enough background evidence to make them well known of. When little people know of what the outcome may be of a particular choice or action, they become uneasy which leads them to going through with a “safer” choice. Although I see this as an issue, due to the fact that you'll now never know how important that choice could of benefited you or not in the long run. Frost writes the experience of someone who has a decision to make between two paths. In lines 9 and 10 it states how both paths travelers equally used. This comes to make me think how the decision that the narrator is making is a big life decision since there is really no helpful influence to draw him closer towards one of the paths. In lines 1-4, Frost
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