Taking Up A Dark Path

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I could count on one hand how many times I drank before college so I wasn’t prepared for what was in front of me. Sitting on my college roommates desk were a few shot glasses with Burnets. I didn’t plan on drinking, but desperate for my roommate to like me, I accepted a few shots. The alcohol hit me fast and hard and changed my life forever. Sitting in my desk chair was the girl that would soon be my best friend for the next year and a half, Savannah. Little did I know, I would go down a dark path. Every weekend I would party with her. I loved life. My sense of responsibility and doing what was best for me diminished. I had grown to love the partying lifestyle and never wanted the party to stop. Around finals everyone was buying Adderall. I had never done a drug before besides an antibiotic. I took a pill the day of my Biology exam. I figured Adderall metabolized quickly and left the body. Dead wrong. I knew nothing about drugs. That night I partied. At first I was having a blast. I was laughing and dancing my heart out. Three hours later, I lost all ability to control my legs. I could not feel them nor could I put pressure on them. The mixture of Adderall and alcohol could have done permanent damage but at the time I didn’t care. I had to be driven home and carried inside. The whole time I thought the situation was amusing. It was the first time I had ever blacked out. After Christmas break I was exposed to Marijuana. Since the plant was legal, no harm done, right? I

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